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949 €

Stereo power amplifier with 9 input options & app controlMaiA DS2: New amplifier generation with superior sound, app control & future-proof technology! This compact integrated amplifier focuses on excellent sound quality and ultimate connection flexibility! 

649 €

Tube phono preampPremium phono stage with tube assembly and high-end sound quality! This high-precision tube preamp benefits from the sophisticated circuit topology of Dr. Ing. Sykora and contains only the best components. 

159 €

"Best Buy" MM / MC phono preampA new standard for entry-level phono preamplifiers! Phono Box S was one of our favorite products, offering unrivaled sound and versatility at a very moderate and affordable price.

139 €

MM / MC Phono Preamplifier with Line & USB OutPhono Box USB: Top specialist for recording and listening to vinyl! Phono Box USB is the ideal phono preamplifier for both the hi-fi system and the recording of vinyl on PC or Mac. MM and MC pickups can be used. 

99 €

MM / MC phono preamplifier with high level outputPhono Box: The classic among the inexpensive phono preamplifiers! Many currently available hi-fi devices and music systems have no connection for turntables. 

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