Van den Hul žemos trinties tepalas TLF-II


Van den Hul tepalas, mažinantis trinties koeficientą TLF-II

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TLF is a (broad-spectrum applicable) super oil, specially developed to reduce bearing friction. Both types provide a highly stable lubrication film between mechanical parts. 

  • Both types are particularly suitable for close-fitting and tight clearance bearings.
  • High resistance oil film, handles pressures of 180-200 kg/cm² at 350º C (662º F) without losing its impermeability. Normal operating temperature ranges up to 175º C (347 °F).
  • Oil-water viscosity ratio of 0.33 to 0.25. This means it will form a thin film of lubricant able to spread well on every surface.
  • Don’t oxidize. Also it doesn’t contain teflon, graphite or any other sort of particles.
  • Reduce friction and mechanical noise significantly extending life of moving parts. This also means a dramatic reduction of maintenance costs…
  • 25 cc brush cap bottle


General purpose low friction lubricant:

Tone arms float instead of just hanging on their bearings;

Finely lubricates the spindle and laser support tracking arm of CD and DVD players: less mechanical noise and digital jitter.

Also perfect for computer and A/C cooling fans;


Heavy duty lubricant:

Turntable bearing noises are reduced;

Perfect for tight clearance type platter spindle bearings. (For higher clearances use our Turntable Spindle Oil)

Also perfect for vehicle wheel bearings: Mr. van den Hul himself had already tested the TLF II on the front wheels of his 1750 Kg car: less bearing noise and friction.

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