Loewe BluTechVision 3D


Aukštos kokybės Bluray 3D grotuvas. Atkuria kiekvieną įrašą nepaprastai aukšta rezoliucija ir raiškiu bei gyvu vaizdu.

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550 €

The Loewe BluTechVision 3D plays each disc in brilliant resolution and with a consistently vivid image impression. The instant access to the latest and most popular YouTube clips is possible. BD-Live gives you access to additional content for your currently viewed Blu-ray disc, such as trailers, documentaries or director's comments. Thanks to Music ID and Video ID, the new Blu-ray player can display information about the film, actors and performers, or simply the song title and album cover of a CD. As a DLNA client, the BluTechVision 3D is also capable of playing music, videos and photos from your home network. The Internet connection for these features can be set up during initial installation via LAN and now also wirelessly and intuitively via WLAN. 

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