ATC P1 2 kanalų galios stiprintuvas


Dual Mono galios stiprintuvas pagamintas rankomis Jungtinėje Karalystėje.

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atc stiprintuvai

2 800 €

"…if you want to hear the important musical detail presented in a coherent, clear-cut fashion this pairing has remarkably little competition in the two box arena. There are a few integrated amps which give them a run for their money in one respect or another but nothing comes to mind which seems like a better overall package." 

Jason Kennedy Hi Fi Plus No75

Galia, W (8/4ohm)150 (8ohm)
Linijinių įėjimų sk.1 + 1xXLR
Signalo / triukšmo santykis, dB110
Išmatavimai, cm (A/P/G)13,5 / 43,5 / 35
Svoris, kg23

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