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5 000 €

R11 is the flagship of the new R Series range. Boasting four 165mm (6.5 in.) hybrid aluminium bass drivers, R11 digs deep and retrieves an exceptionally clean and musical low-end performance. Nestled in the centre of these lies the new 12th generation Uni-Q driver array. The 125mm (5 in.) midrange driver and 25mm (1 in.) aluminium dome tweeter combine to deliver an even more natural midrange and treble than believed possible at this price point. The result is a speaker that can pick out the softest details with grace and refinement, as well as deliver raw power and strength.

Galia minimali, W15
Galia maksimali, W300
Juostų skaičius3
Dažnių juosta30 - 50000
Varža, Ohm8
Spalvosjuodas lakas, baltas lakas, riešutas
Išmatavimai, cm (A/P/G)129,55 / 31,06 / 38,35
Svoris, kg37,7

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