Rotel RA-10 integruotas stiprintuvas


Pradinio lygio Rotel integruotas stiprintuvas su korekciniu stiprintuvu, generuojantis 2 x 40W galios prie 8 ohm.

Gamintojo tinklapis

440 €

There is occasionally much to be said in favour of stripping back to the fundamentals and the RA-10 is definitely one of those occasions. The RA-10 offers 40 Watts per channel, four analogue line level inputs, a phono input and traditional integrated amplifier controls that will feel comfortable and intuitive to every user.

The RA-10 is no lightweight however. It is a serious high performer that benefits from all our efforts dedicated towards optimising audio electronics for the reproduction of music. The RA-10 brings a clarity and effortless dynamism to music that belies both its modest ambitions and modest price.

Galia, W (8/4ohm)2 x 40W (8 ohm)
Harmoniniai iškraipymai, %0,03
Signalo / triukšmo santykis, dB100 (line) 80 (phono)
Dažnių juosta10 - 40'000Hz (line)
SpalvosJuoda, sidabrinė
Išmatavimai, cm (A/P/G)7,2 / 43 / 34,2
Svoris, kg5,9
Energijos suvartojimas, W220W max

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