AKCIJA Thorens TD 235

Thorens TD235


Pusiau automatinis plokštelių grotuvas.

Yra opcija su integruotu korekciniu stiprintuvu.

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599 €

709 €

-110 €

The TD 235 is the manual counterpart of the TD 240-2. The TD 235 features a opto-electronical shut-off and an extremely silent running precision belt drive beneath the platter. It has been equipped with the new Thorens TP 19-1 tonearm.


• Manual operation
• Opto-electronical shut-off
• Internal flat drive belt
• Electronically controlled DC motor
• Precision tonearm TP 19-1
• Solid wooden plinth

The TD 235 is also available with integrated phono pre-amplifier (TD 235 phono).

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