About Us

A Cappella – only high quality audio and video equipment

We have been working since January 1994, a lonog time in this young market. We are one of the first to open a specialized HiFi showroom and introduce world-famous brands – Marantz, Jamo, Van den Hul, Mordaunt-Short, NAD, Bluesound, and others. In addition to these “whales” of audio equipment, we have worked for many years with speaker manufacturers, KEF and ATC, who are no less famous. In recent years, we have been trying to surprise everyone with new products at least once a year. We dedicate a great deal of time and effort to select the best brands and negotiate a partnership. We are currently collaborating with the world-famous US manufacturer Boston Acoustics. And that’s not all – soon we will be celebrating the anniversary of our collaboration with the prestigious German TV manufacturer Loewe; yes, it still manufactures TVs only in Germany and only in one factory! We don’t just sell products, we also stay involved in product development because we know what our customers need.

A Cappella – official representative of the following manufacturers in Lithuania:

  • Marantz  – a world leader in HiFi audio equipment
  • Loewe – German high-end TVs and equipment
  • Jamo – high-quality Danish speakers and installation solutions
  • KEF – English speakers that are highly valued around the world
  • Pro-JectAbsolute leader of turntables and Hi-Fi systems in Europe
  • ATC – exceptional quality audio equipment made in England
  • Boston Acoustics – quality speakers at great prices
  • Advance Acoustic – French audio equipment
  • Van den Hul – one of the world’s best manufacturers of audio cables
  • Schnepel – German high quality furniture for video and audio equipment
  • NAD ir Bluesound – Canadian HiFi products

Also available from us:

  • Beyerdynamic – German high quality headphones
  • Thorens one of the oldest manufacturer of turntables
  • SONOS – one of the most popular wireless audio systems in the world
  • Focal – speakers made in France, favoured by many
  • Rotel – high-end English electronics